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Journal 1.4

If I was hit by lightening like she was, I probably would have reacted very similarly. She was not only hit by lightning once, but twice!! That’s crazy!! If I were her, I don't know if I would have been smart enough to do the things she did. I would be disoriented and confused from slipping in and out of consciousness. The pain would be unbearable and in those moments I would probably be thinking about dying and asking God to take the pain away and save me. It may take awhile, but I hopefully would eventually be able to think of the idea to pull myself away from the scene. It would take a lot of courage and bravery. Gretel was very strong and persistent.

Journal 1.5

I absolutely love to write!!! I am not constantly writing but I definitely write everyday. I keep a journal so I can write down what I'm currently doing in life. I like to keep a planner for all of my school assignments, homework, work hours, practice schedules, games to cheer for, etc. I really enjoy writing papers for class.
I have done papers over all different types of subjects. Imperfect essays, personal papers, summaries, essay questions, you name it. I typically enjoy writing about myself and my past life experiences. When I was little, I really enjoyed making up and writing short stories. For the longest time, I thought I was going to grow up to write a book. I don’t think of myself as an amazing writer but I guess i would consider myself a decent writer. The more I write, the better it gets in my opinion.

Journal 1.6

The Angry Winter by Loren Eiseley : mysterious confusing at first second time more clear dog stands for more than just a dog, he is a part of nature while he was asleep, everything changed spirit came over the dog shows that nature has both a sweet nice side and also a more evil and dark side owner accepts the fact the dog has changed this “bone” is a symbol for more than a bone, more like a switch that changes the