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Idris Romodan
Period 8
Hero’s Journey: The BuddahDeparture-
The Call to Adventure: While Siddhartha is an infant, it’s proclaim that he is either destined to become a Great holy man or a great conqueror.
Refusal of the Call: The call is refused not by Siddhartha himself, but his father who wants his son to rule over a great empire, and not to become a holy man. His father decides to make Siddhartha’s life as luxurious as possible to insure he is not a holy man.
Supernatural Aid: As Siddhartha grew, he wanted to learn of what was beyond his palace’s wall. Chana his servant, took him around his kingdom where he saw death, aging, and sickness. Chana tells Siddhartha that all men shall face those distresses.
The Crossing of the First Threshold: Siddhartha is married to his cousin, and he has a son after their ten year honeymoon. Siddhartha decides to leave his new old son, and his wife to answer questions such as what is the meaning of life. He transcends from the privileges of the palace to the real world filled with suffering.
Belly of the whale: Siddhartha becomes a homeless monk, and he truly swallowed by the unknown. He is a different person than the privileged prince of his pervious life.
The Road of Trials: Siddhartha searched for a Sage to learn under when he discovered he wanted to become an ascetic. For six long years, Siddhartha punished himself through various means including starvation. These trials were what Siddhartha believed