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Tiana Worrell
AP World

About 500 years ago Christopher Columbus, who was a Spanish explorer who was trying to find a new route to India, instead discovered America in 1492. Between 1492 and 1750, the new contacts between Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas, socially and economically transformed the Atlantic World. New worlds were discovered, the population was growing due to the slave trade and also growing economically, and the industrial production advanced from man-made to machine-made.
The new contacts in Western Europe, Africa and the Americas, lead to the economies improving because of crops and food began to spread around. Economically, in the Americas, European colonists advanced from mining for silver, to farming crops. All of the goods were traded with other countries. The trade connected imports and exports of a lot of different goods between North America, Africa, and Europe. The Atlantic changed into a huge trading port was because many countries were overflowing with resources other countries would enjoy to have. The countries would exchange their goods or resources for another country’s, basically trading. A huge part of the trade was the Atlantic slave trade. As agriculture became more important in daily life, labor was becoming critical. Africa exported slaves to the West Indies to North America.
Socially, the Atlantic was changed in many ways too. The population was expanding due to the agricultural growth. The social triangle in Africa and the Americas were excessively changing with the adoption of agriculture. In Africa