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Kamilah Muhammad
Raising Financially Confident Kids: Report
To start off , the book is about how to help start your kids with managing their money and making smart decisions with their money. It’s easy to manage your money. But to do it wisely is important and should be done. To start managing your money , first you should put 10% to put away to save and et grow , 10% to give away to a good cause , and 40% to spend and 40% for short-term goals. You shouldn’t just buy , buy , buy just because you have money. That’s already starting to get you ready for a life full of debt. The lady in the story gave examples because that’s what she used to do. No one got her ready for the world. No one taught her how to manage her money. She would buy things she couldn’t even afford and paid for them with credit cards and wasn’t able to pay it off. She became hopeless and deeply in debt. She only bought a lot of things because she was unhappy as a child and wanted to buy anything she wanted. She also didn’t want her boys to live without getting whatever they wanted , so she unhealthily spoiled them. It didn’t do them any good , they would ask everyone that came to their house “so what did you get me?!” So she thought she was ready for a change. She talked to her husband and they made a plan. Her husband’s Uncle Henry had “done” a project with his boys apparently. She liked his plan so she made a plan of her own. She made a debt-proof living plan for her boys. She would give them a monthly salary and then whatever they needed for that month they would have to pay for it with their own monthly salary. The rule was the parents had to be hands off and had no say in what their kids buy. Whatever the kids buy it was their responsibility for them to be able to buy stuff for the rest of the month. If they had spent all their money idiotically and wasted