Ap World History Chapter 2 Essay

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1.a. How did Asia become a continent, who was the key players that determined the continent's creation, and the naming of the area as such?
The term “Asia” was derived from the Greek word “Ἀσία” which used to refer to the land at the east of the Aegean Sea which is known as Anatolia. The origin of the Greek word was from the terms “asa” which means “east” in Phoenician language and “asu” which means “to rise or to go out” in Akkadian terms, in reference to the sun. Akkadian Dynasty tablets also reveal that the Hittites, the inhabitants of the land, refer to it as “Assuwa.”
The earliest continental distinctions of the world were developed by Greek mariners who believed that the center of the world was the Aegean Sea. They were also the
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If yes, cite factors that could lead to the readjustment by giving examples of current political cases in Asia that could affect said changes. If no, explain possible reasons for the maintenance of such boundaries by again providing actual examples that could influence the immobility of the boundaries.
For me, Asia’s boundaries can be changed or shifted over time. One reason is that some boundaries among the territories of countries are vaguely established and are still debatable. An example is the dispute on the Spratly Islands which is located in the West-Philippine Sea. Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Taiwan and China all claim the whole, if not parts, of the group of islands.
Another factor is that a country may claim an area and declare it as its annex or a country may liberate itself from a greater country. For example, Taiwan became an annex of China in the past. However, it was able to liberate itself as an independent country as time passed by, establishing a territory of its own. These can therefore happen in other parts of Asia as well, especially in boundaries with nearby continents of Australia, Europe and