Ap World History Dbq Mongols

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While the mongols were very efficient in the process of building their empire, they built a very barbaric image for themselves. Sources lead readers to believe that due to genocide and the importance of loyalty and respect among the empire along with the inhumane treatment of war prisoners the mongols were barbaric. Although the mongols were barbaric they were loyal and fair to their people. Genocide is the intentional killing of mass numbers of people. Starting with Genghis Khan the mongolian empire became the definition of genocide killing thousands of people for the betterment of the empire. In the year 1220 the mongolian army had killed thirty thousand people in Bukhara. It has been said that this was just the beginning because the mongols went on the slaughter and decapitate thousands even millions more. When it comes to romance mongols would not have any kind of relations with a married woman without killing her husband first. (Doc. 3,4,5, and 10) …show more content…
The mongols had pretty high standards for their army when it came to loyalty. If part of a group decides to flee the mongols expected the rest of the group is expected to follow, if you did not it was punishable by death. If someone from the group had been captured the rest of the group was expected to try to rescue them, whoever did not go would be executed. To some people this would not be that big of a deal but in the end it is barbaric because now they are not just killing the residents of the places they were trying to take over they were also killing their own people. The mongols have a lot of respect for each other. They often shared food even when there was not really anything to share and they also were not very quick to show impatience when hungry. (Doc. 2 and