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AP World History Interview Project Arnold Brown was a company commander of the 90th Infantry Division, who was sent over to England to fight on the front lines. Born and raised in Ohio County, Kentucky, Arnold Brown grew up as a teenager during the Depression years. When asked about his childhood he said, “I got tired of eating corn bread and molasses three times a day so I decided to go into the Army. I left home with 50 cents in my pocket and an eighth-grade education.” Brown enlisted into the military on March 18, 1936. It took a year and 11 months for Brown to make PFC. But it wasn’t too long after that until he was awarded the rank of Corporal. Brown was given the rank of corporal because the former Corporal committed suicide. During the raid on Pearl Harbor Arnold was stationed at Camp Grant in Illinois, all he remembers are the guards ordering more security to be issued around ammo and weapon storages. Fast forward to June 16th, Brown and other enlisted men were sent to England to support the troops that were suffering mass casualties on the front lines. Brown was eventually sent home due to a leg injury from mortar fire. “A mortar round exploded nearby, and I felt something jerking my trousers below my knee. I jumped in a hole until the mortar barrage lifted, and when I started to move out, uh-oh, something’s wrong with that leg. I look down, and pull the britches leg up. There’s a piece of steel sticking in my leg.” Before Brown retired from the military he