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Alex Kail
World History
April 11, 2014
Les Miserables Assignment
Did the show hold your interest? Why or why not?
Yes, Cookeville High school’s production of Le Mis was fantastic. The talent among the singers and actors was almost unbelievable! The show held my interest, and I enjoyed it so much that I would see it again!
Describe the way the story was presented. What was the dialogue like?
The show’s story was presented through singing, actions, dialogue, and the emotions of the actors. The dialogue was lively; each actor seemed to truly put themselves into post French Revolution France. I felt like I was actually there, in France, because the dialogue was so realistic. A great amount of effort and emotion was put into the dialogue of the show.
What was the structure of the story? Was there a simple story or multiple stories? How did the multiple stories connect? Was anything about the story unexpected? How did the story begin and end? The plot of Les Miserables follows John Valjean, Fantine, Cosette,
Javert, and other characters along the way through the story. The show had one main setting, an open space with a bridge in the background, that was altered for each scene. In between each scene, the lights dimmed and students rearranged the setting. There were multiple stories in Les
Miserables, such as the story following John Valjean, and the story following Fantine and
Cosette. The stories between John Valjean and Fantine first connect in the scene where Valjean walks into his factory, sees the poor Fantine being ridiculed and then fired for having a child.

The only event in the play that I did not expect was the scene where the little boy went out to recover ammunition, and got shot. The show began with about ten prisoners on either side of the auditorium pulling on a rope and singing. The scene transitions into John Valjean and Javert having a bit of a sing off. Later, Valjean escapes the prison and begins his new life under a new name. The final scenes of the play were where Marius and Cosette marry. During the wedding
Marius realizes that it was John Valjean that saved his life, and he tells Cosette everything that has happened. Marius and Cosette rush to Valjeans side as he lays in his chair, dying. Valjean is happy to be reunited with Cosette, and dies in peace.
Describe the way the music and lyrics worked in the show.
The music and lyrics of the show