Essay on Ap World Similarities and Differences China and Rome

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Han China and Rome The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire both had a great influence not only on its people but the world as a whole. The two had similar and different methods of political control. Both ruled their people under a bureaucracy, they had civil servants to maintain their large empires, and their foundations were made of great and strong rulers. Aside from the similarities they also had several differences. Take China for example, they focused more on Confucianism and they had a Mandate of Heaven. Rome on the other hand used entertainment to distract and control the masses of its population.
To begin with, both Imperial Rome and Han China were ruled under a bureaucracy. In Rome the emperor was the ultimate authority. The
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Unfortunately, Xiongnu took the gifts and continued their raids. Wudi acted out and formed an alliance with other empires. His army successfully forced the Xiongnu to retreat into Central Asia. China encountered other invasions that helped expand the empire. After Wudi’s reign, the Chinese Empire had expanded to the bounds of present day China. The emperor is not capable of ruling a large empire alone, therefore a bureaucracy is necessary. He can get advice from his fellow government officials and learn to become a better ruler. Both the Romans and the Hans were in need of support from collecting tax to preventing invaders. It is also significant to keep an eye on specific provinces so that’s why the Romans and the Hans elected civil servants. They made the emperor’s job much easier. The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty had several similarities, in life there are two sides to every coin, and where there are similarities there are differences. One major difference was The Han dynasty focused more on Confucianism. The teachings of Confucius highly influenced the Han. Some of Confucius teachings were the qualities the emperor Wudi wanted his government officials to have. He promoted Confucianism by setting up schools where job applicants all over China can study Confucius’s works. Rome valued discipline, strength, and loyalty. They did not have any teachings they were influenced by. One with the