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Ryan Gill 1/2/2015
AP World Treaty of Versailles Essay World War I ended very poorly for the people of Germany. Not only did they lose over 2 million soldiers, they were also forced to take all blame for the Great War. The “Big Three”, which consisted of Woodrow Wilson (USA), Georges Clemenceau (France), and David Lloyd George (Great Britain), met to discuss what would be called the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles stated that Germany had to give up land, take all blame for the war which meant they had to pay for all damage caused by the war, and even to lower their army to less than 100,000 soldiers. Because of the harsh treatment of Germany and Germany having no say in what would be in the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was treated very unfairly.
Although the Germans were one of the first to start moving their troops at the start of World War I, they were not the trigger of the war. The actual trigger of the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Although the Germans were not the trigger of the war, they were still forced to sign and agree to the Treaty of Versailles which stated they were the start of the war. Also, another reason why the Treaty of Versailles was unfair for the Germans was that they had no say in what would be on the treaty. This is unfair because the people who did have say were the enemies of Germany who wanted to take their revenge on Germany after the war was over.
The Germans were treated unfairly but some people, like France, thought the harsh treatment was needed. Because Germany had done a lot of invading, Georges Clemenceau of France wanted Germany to “pay for the damage done during the war.” It was very costly and the French could not afford the damage the Germans had done to them so they felt it was necessary for the blame to be one Germany. Also, France thought that Germany might be able to retaliate if they were not limited in the size of their army. After arguing