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Week 6 – Essay
Scott Miner
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This is just a sample page that displays indentations, running head, title, resources, punctuation and the use of sources in an APA paper. I hope it helps you with any formatting questions you may have. You can also use it as a template, simply changing the running head, ect., for your use.
In a study on “Remembered Parenting Styles” (Rothrauff, Cooney and An, 2009) researchers from the University of Missouri, Columbia found that, “Parental support is important because it predicts a strong sense of self-worth and security, greater psychological well-being, and other positive outcomes.” I would not only identify parental support, but in my case coming from a large family, I would rephrase the statement to say “familial support.” I believe that the “familial support” I received as a child had a large and positive impact on my formation. And thus, I continually will cite the influence of my siblings.
From a very subjective perspective there is the possibility that my environment conditioned my personality type in several ways. I was surrounded by numerous extroverts (parents, brother, and sister) and one introvert (sister) in my formative years. The majority of my siblings were outgoing, charismatic and charming and had an influence on me in modeling how people interact in their relationships.
In a study on childhood behavior Cooksey, Menghan and Jekielek noted that, “the fates of family members are tightly linked, and families retain a key role in the social and behavioral development of children” (1997). My sibling’s popularity and visibility in our community played upon my natural proclivities and played a role in influencing the extrovert part of my personality.
When I consider how my intuitive preferences were affected, I am not sure I can point to specific circumstances, but rather to an overall atmosphere. A few of my siblings were steeped in the sub-culture of 70’s rock & roll. While the rock & roll sub-culture did go against the grain of the more subdued, conservative culture predominant in the 1950’s, it was a large and predominant cultural alternative. Did this play a part in forming my intuitive side, which leans towards change? I cannot answer authoritatively, but looking at the influence of my siblings I consider that it may be a possibility.

You can see that I used 8 resources for a 4 page paper, averaging about 2 per page… ALSO, you might check on a subscription to ProQuest Academic Journals. IT IS A PHENOMENAL resource. You can see that I used it here in my list of resources. I’m not sure what the fee might be. Check with Ivy Tech, to see if there is a discount offered to students. They may offer a “trial” subscription for free. I also found that the Wall Street Journal will give you a 12 week free digital & print subscription for $12! I think you can cancel after that.
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