Essay about APA Grading Rubric 1

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APA Grading Rubric
1” margins
Text flush left
Double spaced throughout including reference page
No extra spaces between paragraphs
Heading as it appears on title page centered on first line of body of paper5-7 space indent at beginning of each paragraph
Font 12 pt Times Ne Roman
Page header flush right, upper case; page number flush right
Use consistent tense throughout the paper
Title Page:
Title, course, student name, date
Double spaced
Page number right margin of header
1” margin
Centered in middle of page
Text Citations:
A balanced presentation of the ideas from all references is required. Citations from one source 3xclusively with brief mention of several others are not acceptable.
All source material must be documented in the body of the paper by citing the author(s) and date(s) but no page number unless a direct quote. The idea is to formally acknowledge the words and ideas of others.
Failure to include citations within the body of the text is an example of plagiarism and is unacceptable.
Paraphrase ideas of authors in your own words primarily in the body of the paper.
If you must quote the author and the quotation is less than 40 words, encase the quote in “…” followed by (Author, year, page#).
Block quotations (quotations of 40 words or more) are not allowed.
All sources cited in the body of the paper must be listed on the reference list and all references on the reference list must be cited in the