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Winning Big Lottery, Boon or Curse?

Ashraf Sangani

EBM 502

June 18th, 2014

Robert Mayfield


In everyone’s life money plays one of the most important role. This study is conducted to identify if winning big lottery actually a boon or a curse. Qualitative Research is used to conduct interviews of people who have won these big jackpots. These interviews convey how the big jackpot money has been helpful and as well as turned out as curse for few in their life. Winning the lottery has not brought a better life or happiness to everyone’s life. The majority of winners faced problems such as financial management and mental trauma because of sudden windfall of amount that was beyond their control. Winners not only become target of relatives, friends and strangers but also their life becomes a nightmare. Many winners have suffered from those kinds of disaster and it even lead to suicide. Therefore, I believe that winning the lottery is not always very pleasing thing. Like they say, everything comes with a price and in this case it’s a blessing that eventually becomes a curse.

Big Lottery Win, Boon or Curse?

Winning the lottery may seem like a fairytale, but for some, scooping the jackpot has been real. We have all fantasized about a big lottery win to drag us out of the rat race and into a life of luxury. Have you ever wondered why millions of Americans are secretly addicted to playing the lottery? Even if the chances of anyone actually winning are 1 in 175,223,510? Many of us know at least one person who’s religiously dedicated to winning the almighty jackpot–even if they’re aware of the extremely slim odds. Maybe it’s the mere idea of receiving a life-changing amount of money, which serves as the motivation for them to spend their personal cash, to potentially win more. The fantasy of winning has grown so that many would spend their last dollar purchasing a ticket, rather than saving for a rainy day.

Purpose of the Study Everyone in today’s world is striving for a better life and this believe that money can buy any happiness. Is that true? Almost 75% of the people of the state play worth millions of dollars in a hope that they will be the lucky one to strike the jackpot. The reason for this research topic is to really identify that people go crazy with this hope of winning money but is that really serving what they want and desired? The main reason to pick this topic is to identify the true nature of money solving the man’s greed.


I would like to do the qualitative research by interviewing 20 people who have won the big jackpot like Mega Million and Powerball. The following are few assumptions I have considered in finishing my research:
1. Finding 25 people who have won big lottery from different part of the states.
2. Finding different genders and different age groups to interview preferably

Number of people
Age group

3. Getting permission from at least 20 people to let me interview them for about an hour by allowing me to record their interviews for validity purpose.
4. They will be available for