Apa Mad Hatter Diagnosies Essay

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The Mad Hatter is the infamous character from Alice in wonderland. Using the muti-axis diagnosis as provided by the DSM-IV I will discuss and Diagnose this character pun intended. The only thing in this paper that will be neglected is Axis V which would require a face to face professional therapy session (APA 2000). To accurately diagnose the Mad Hatter it is essential to review his past in combination with his current symptoms. After carefully examining and giving a diagnosis to the Mad Hatter I will provide what I believe will be the best treatment for the individual in respect with the DSM. To say the Mad Hatter is just an interesting character is an understatement. The original Mad Hatter is seen as a bouncing ball of energy with a …show more content…
The Hatter displays symptoms that would fall under the category of a Schizotypal Personality Disorders, found in the Cluster “A” grouping of personality Disorders as characterized by the DSM-IV, such as being socially withdrawn, having odd ways of thinking and perceiving, as well as having behavioral eccentricities. He also displays symptoms from the Avoidant Personalities Disorders include: being uncomfortable in social situations, often believing himself to be unappealing or inadequate, as well as having few close friends (DSM-IV.2000). Axis III diagnosis Would not be able to provide any concrete information and would have to list: No diagnosis I would not be able to provide any concrete information and would have to list: No diagnosis. The reasoning for this would be that to my knowledge the Mad Hatter has not visited a medical doctor who would have or would not have diagnosed him with any medical problems, depending on his/her evaluation. For this reason I cannot simply make any judgments based on my own evaluations or suspicious. Furthermore, since I am unable to ask the Mad Hatter myself, I must go off of what information I am able to gather and conclude that there have been no previously diagnosed medical issues and that the Mad Hatter is not currently on any prescribed medications. The Mad Hatter’s Axis IV diagnosis would have a few different listing under it. To begin with, Ever since the Red Queen has taken over