What Is Brilliant Public Speaking

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Brilliant Public Speaking
Christina Romeroarellano
August 25, 2104
Mr. Alex Luna Brilliant Public Speaking As I watched the video about brilliant public speaking, I was amazed on all the information presented on this topic. All eight speakers gave great advice on being able go before an audience. You don't have to be perfect when addressing your audience to get your message across, but you do need to know what you're talking about before getting in front of them. The video relates to this week's topic in a couple of ways. For example, the class will be writing a paper on how to address the grieving families, employees and media on the status workers that trapped in a copper and gold mine, beneath the wilderness of the Atacama Desert. Another assignment we are working on is giving an oral presentation debate in class. This morning as I watched the latest news update on the earthquake that hit Northern California, I was saddened for the people of Napa. The news anchor was interviewing residents within the community asking them if their homes were damaged by the effects of the earthquake. She came across a young man and asked him if the earthquake had damaged his home in any way. He explained to her about the damage with reasonable answers. Then she asked him what he thought about the earthquake hitting within his community, the young man replied using illicit profanity. By that time, the news anchor had to walk away from the interviewee, and she apologized to everyone for his inappropriate language. I thought to myself; millions of American's are watching this interview, feeling the devastating effects of the earthquake that has been placed on the citizens of Napa. People have been injured, hospitalized and traumatized as they watched their homes go up in flames. Then you have an immature, ignorant, disrespectful person give an inappropriate statement. The point I'm trying to drive at is that we all have to ability to be able to speak in public at any given time. The emotional and disastrous effect placed on the people of Napa will always be remembered. That young man had a golden opportunity to speak from his heart with sympathy, compassion and concern for the people within his community. Instead, he chose to make a fool out himself. The way I look at it is you need to be able to relate to the people you are talking to. Moments like this one are crucial to the speaker. I believe the most relevant parts of the video were that; nobody wants to hear what you have to say, they want to hear what they want. Usually when we speak, we are talking off of notes or power points. The video also mentioned to use personal experiences in your speech. People relate to stories more effectively. They are so curious about then ending when you speak so eagerly about the beginning. Another thing that was said, do not pack too much information into your speech, your audience will not remember it. Start powerful and strong and use stories and bring your speech to life. Most of all, my favorite one was not to