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In “Quick Access book,” Lynn Quinta Troyka states that APA style is very important to be used correctly in research paper which includes in-text citation and the references list. The main parts of the paper contain the title page, an abstract, the body of the paper and the references list. The writer have to include the correct APA format in the paper such as double- space the entire paper, set one inch margin all around the page and using 12pt. Times New Roman font for the general format. There will be a few more different steps for the cover page, an abstract and the references list.
The important setting that the writer has to remember when creating the cover page or also known as the running head is to set half of an inch from the top edge of the paper to the title and page number line. The writer should capitalize all the running head and should not exceed fifty characters. In addition, the writer must place the title in the center and in the top half of the page as well.
For the body of the paper setting should be one inch from the top edge of paper before the next line on the paper and indent the first line of all paragraph except for the abstract. The references list margin is the same as for other part of the paper with the difference that the write do not italize, underline or using the quotation marks. The writer has to use the hanging indent style and double space each entry and between.
The references list is created in a new page, after the end of the