Apartment and Better Way Essay

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Less stuff, more happiness
Topic: Less stuff and less space will save you money and give you a little more ease in your life. Popularize the concept of Life Edit. Tell you how to live in a little stuff life in three ways.

Focus questions: Much more spaces than before can lead to what kind of consequences? Is there has a better way to live more happiness? What is concept of Life Edit and how does it work? How can we live in a less stuff life?

Purpose: Nowadays, Americans have about three times the mount of space they did 50 years ago. Although Americans have much more spaces than before, they don’t have a happier life than before. In that case, they need to know how to live in a less stuff life. Furthermore, the concept of Life Edit needs to let more people to know and give them a little more ease in their lives.

Main points:
1. Background. a. Americans have much more spaces than before. b. The consequences of having so much spaces.
2. A better way: Less might actually equal more. a. Examples of joy of less b. Suggest people to live in less tuff and less space.
3. Popularize Life Edit. a. An example of a great solution. b. The consequences of this solution.
4. How can you live little? a. Edit ruthlessly. b. Small in sexy. c. Multifunctional spaces and housewares. d. Consider doing with a little life editing.

Introduction: What's in the box? Whatever it is must be pretty important, because I've traveled with it, moved it, from…