Apartment Lexis Essay

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TRAINEE’S NAME: Salma Master
DATE: 26/02/2015
Lesson’s main aim(s) (language focus & skills focus): To teach lexis and lexical items in context to the relevant topic (Renting an apartment/house).

By the end of the lesson Ss will able to use a wide variety of lexis in context and identify lexical chunks using a text based approach.

Personal aims: To present lexis accurately and to recycle lexis via text based approach.
Check for understanding and give clear instructions.
Using verbal eliciting approach and getting the learners to deduce the meaning from context.
Lesson’s sub-aim (s): Use a variety of language in context. Able to identify expressions, collocations and lexis in the comprehension text and to contextualise the language as part of discourse.

Anticipated problems: Ss may not fully aware of some of the lexical items.

Materials: PPT on whiteboard, reading text, comprehension questions, discussion activity and writing practice.
Suggested solutions: To use eliciting techniques and then to further allow the Ss to practice the lexis using the text based approach.

Class profile: Multilingual
Lesson duration: 50 minutes
Class level: C1

E.g. 3 mins/12.05
E.g. ‘Pre-listening’
ACTIVITY (teacher activity & student Activity)
E.g. Prediction from visuals to raise ss’ awareness and interest in the topic
E.g. ss-ss (pairs)
7 mins

10 mins

10 mins


10 mins

Introduce lexis

Reading and
Comprehension text.


Practice activity
Introduce the topic (show ppt slide1).

Show newspaper section of apartments/houses to rent…..

(Rationale: To generate interest of the topic)

Discussion questions 1-3: Ask Ss to discuss in pairs, conduct feedback
(Rationale: To generate further interest and to personalise the discussion)

Once Ss have given pair feedback on discussion questions 1-3, introduce lexis.

Use verbal eliciting techniques:

I have found an apartment I like…..
So who do I contact? (landlord)
I would be a…. (tenant) (Rationale: to present the lexis in context by eliciting)

Introduce the text to the class (A new Apartment)
Explain to the Ss they will