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I know some of you have this personality dimensions colors stuff but in case you don’t it’s here.

Green – Inquiring
Values = Logic, clarity, facts & ideas
Stressors = Not knowing, incompetence
Abilities = Concentration, setting standards, analysis
Behaviors = Perfectionist, life-long student, high standards, dislike redundancy, quick wit

Gold – Organized
Values = Duty, society, family, commitment, trust, rules & procedures
Stressors = Disorganization, being on the outside
Abilities = Organization, decision making, attention to detail, caretaking
Behaviors = Practice & drill, responsible & loyal, dependable, parental

Orange – Resourceful
Values = Adventure, skills, freedom, action, variety
Stressors = Rigid boundaries, waiting
Abilities = Flexible & adaptable, variety of skills, good at manipulation, good in crisis
Behaviors = Risky, spontaneous, dislike routine, competitive, impatient

Blue – Authentic
Values = Ethics, unity, cooperation, interaction
Stressors = Guilt, conflict
Abilities = People skills, persuasive, honest, motivator, supportive
Behaviors = Sensitive, emotional, seductive, problem solver (mediator)

If (blue && orange){
Printf(“Optimism, lots of skills, like and need recognition”);
Else if (green && gold){
Printf(“Critical, specialize, value logic and order”);
Else if (green && orange){
Printf(“Competitive, independent, seek new ways”);
Else if (blue && gold){
Printf(“Caring, socially responsible, teamwork”);
//The following are rare AND conflicting (if they are dominating traits in one person they are likely to have intrapersonal problems)
If (green && blue){
Printf(“Creative, big picture focused”);
Else if (gold && orange){
Printf(“Task oriented, detail oriented, present oriented, productive teamwork”);
//Gold and orange often have trust issues with each other.

What we did in class on Feb 5 2014 (day of the snow storm)
Sorry if my notes are hard to understand, I was rushing to write as much down as I could

Read pages 182-183 of the text book

-Repeating is when you do a non-verbal after verbal (i.e. saying “Come here” and doing a hand motion with it.
-Substituting is when you only do a non-verbal (i.e. just the hand motion).
-Complementing is when your non-verbal and verbal are both ++ or - - (not +-).
-Accenting is when you use sound or PARA-LANGUAGE to emphasize your point (i.e. “No, it’s