Apes Of Wrath Primates

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Symone Wilson
ENG 100
Reading Journal – Week 3
“Apes of Wrath” Barbra Smuts QUOTES | RESPONSES | “Goodale thinks that a male uses such aggression to train a female to fear him so that she will be more likely to surrender to his subsequent sexual advances.” (p.78) | I find this to be true in both humans and primates. Males look to show the females who’s in charge. I don’t agree with this at all but Goodale make a great point with this example. | “Females primates also use relationships with males to help protect themselves against sexual coercion” (p.80) | I totally agree with this example because any female wants to know she is protected in some type of way. But with this protection come along with favors and sex happens to be of the favors in this situation which I don’t agree with. | “Females who live near their female relatives, a man will sometimes beat his wife if he becomes jealous or suspects her of infidelity, but when this happens onlookers run to tell her kin.” (p.81) | I disagree with this example for the simple fact that some people will not say anything because they are just as frighten as the women that is getting beat on. | “Men frequently abduct and rape women from neighboring villages and severely beat there wife’s for suspected adultery.” (p.80) | I disagree with this totally but this is something that does happen in everyday life. This is not right at all there should be major punishment to these men that do this and