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AP Human Geography
Summer Activities—Kentridge High School

There are two summer activities (and a one page information sheet to be return before the end of this school year) which will prepare you for AP human geography next year. They are as follows:
Field Study Scavenger Hunt Geography Style
This is an activity with groups of up to four people. You may pick anybody taking AP human geography next school year (it doesn’t matter which teacher you have). Follow directions for the scavenger hunt and explore your local environment as you conduct your field study. This is due the second day of school.

Instead of collecting objects for this scavenger hunt, each four-person team will collect pictures with at least one member of the team standing in front of 20 of the 30 listed locations. Each team will then create a PowerPoint or PhotoStory3 using the pictures (10 from each group). Each picture must have an explanation or narration that gives background information about the place that is not evident from the picture. For example, when was the building built and after whom was it named?
This project is to establish a Sense of Place and an understanding of the concepts in the Urban Unit.
Due: Second Day of school Points: 20 pts = 1 point per picture (if a true representation of the listed location) 20 pts = 1 point per explanation for each picture
= 40 points for a successful scavenger hunt PowerPoint presented to class
(points may differ per teacher)
List of SENSE OF PLACE Examples: 1. An example of what makes Kent unique - explain 2. Another example of what makes Kent unique - explain 3. A historic building downtown (dating prior to 1910) –explain 4. A canopy road – identify 5. A government building – identify & tell what it is used for 6. A statute or memorial of a famous resident (or former resident) – identify or explain 7. An example of Native American presence - explain 8. A sports stadium - for whom is it named – explain 9. A concert hall - for whom is it named – explain
10. A location of a civil rights event - explain
11. An ethnic grocery store - identify
12. A cemetery - example of interesting grave marker
13. An example of 3 DIFFERENT religions
List of Urban Examples: 1. An example of Kent’s SITE 2. An example of Kent’s SITUATION 3. An example of Urban INFRASTRUCTURE 4. Another example of Urban INFRASTRUCTURE 5. An example of LAND USE IN THE CBD 6. An example of GENTRIFICATION 7. An example of GHETTOIZATION 8. An example of COMMERCIALIZATION (attractive to residents & tourists) 9. An example of INFILLING
10. An example of URBAN SPRAWL
11. An example of environmental change due to urban sprawl (retaining ponds,?)
12. An example of a GATED COMMUNITY
14. An example of ZONING REGULATIONS (look for signs)

Please email project by the second day of school with last names of all the participants involved to the respective geography teachers who each participant has for class.

APHG Study Guide Work
Summer vocabulary work for AP human geography for Unit 1
One of the summer assignments is to get a head start on defining vocabulary that you will use throughout the year. Please define the following vocabulary words either in a dedicated composition notebook or a spiral notebook. This will be checked off the second day of class.
Human geography
Sequent occupance
Physical geography
Spatial distribution
Spatial perspective
Five themes of geography
Reference maps
Location theory