Apocalypto Movie Review Essay

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Apocalypto: Film Review
I have to say that this is one of the greatest movies I’ve seen in recent ten years. The film started with a hunting and show us a great picture of mayan people lifestyle. It is telling that how they hunt food as a group, how they share the food and how they live to together as a small tribe. At the beginning the father said to his son jaguar paw “ fear is sickness, it will crawl into the soul of anyone who engages it”. from here I can see that mayans are brave and strong, but why such a great civilization destroyed ? it is by itself or by other colonies ?
The director used a small tribe story to tell us how the civilization started destroying and also tell us what are the main reasons for this tragedy. In the film, in order to pay their respect to the god of the sun and stop the
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It makes you think that what really the big issue here. Of course, colonization had changed and destroyed the mayan civilization but were they any other reasons? What made mayans so weak and be destroyed so quickly? From the film we have see that there were not united, even worse , they were hunting each other and killing each other, they were making themselves weak and weak. The door for colonial was opened by mayans themselves
If we look at the film again, we can find that they were losing a lot of men’s life just because they want to kill their own people, at the end of film, when they chase after jaguar paw, many of them die and they knew it is a bad sign but they did not stop killing. At the end, they all die. This was a punishment from the god for what they had done. when jaguar saw the spanish ships, he decide to go back forest and trying to start his own new life. I think he knows he can not win in this war, his just lost his tribe and mayans were not united, there was nothing can help him to win, so he did not want to involved the war he cannot win and he decide to live by his own, by his