Apollo 11's Impact In The Space Race

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As our group was exploring NHD topics regarding Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange, we came across the Space Race between the United States and the USSR. Our group was intrigued by the rise in astronomy and aeronautics during this time period. Since the topic was too broad, we continued our research and narrowed our topic down to Apollo 11’s impact in the Space Race and its correlation with this year’s theme. Although there were many events in the Space Race to choose from, we ultimately chose Apollo 11 as our topic because we believed that the exploration and encounter of the moon exchanged ideas and technology that still impact history and the world to this day.
We began by familiarizing ourselves with our topic and examining background information before formally starting our research. When we conducted our research, we divided up the types of sources that we would find amongst ourselves. One member found sources in pint, once focused on primary sources, and the other mainly gathered secondary sources. We compiled our annotated bibliography from a variety of sources. Our primary sources were from various online
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We also had many pictures, documents, and videos that we wanted to display in our exhibit. Because we did not have access to colored tri-fold boards, we painted our boards to connect with our topic. Our information went chronologically from left to right. The left side panel displayed the background information about Apollo 11. We decided to paint the Soviet flag on that panel because they were the ones who started the Space Race conflict. The center panel was painted black and had the earth and moon on it because it displayed the key events of the topic. The right side panel discussed the impacts of the topic and was painted with the U.S. flag to show that they ultimately won the Space Race as a result of the Apollo 11