Apostasy: Love and God Essays

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Apostasy is a turning away from revealed truth, or in other words, embracing what you want instead of what God wants. If you break the word down the first part “apo” means from and “stasy” means truth. This is clearly something God wanted us to know about, and to stay clear of it because he put many examples of it in the Bible. Jonah, when God told him to go to Nineveh decided that he was going flee as far away as he could go to Tarshish. God got angry, and had Jonah swallowed by a large fish. A couple days later God allowed him to be spit-up by the fish because Jonah repented. Not only did his decisions affect him but they also affected the people of Nineveh and of the people on ship he was taking to Tarshish.
Adam and Eve were told by God not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, yet they still did. They knew what they did was wrong so they tried to hide from God. God knew what they had done, and He kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. Their choices didn’t only affect them, but the whole world. This shows us how apostasy can affect more than just us. Even though god kicked the out of the garden, He still loved them and forgave them.
Samson was a man that God had big plans for him. He was a Nazarite. He disobeyed several of the rules that God had given him, and he even had these rules since he was a baby. For instance, he fell in love with someone he wasn’t supposed to fall in love with, his hair got cut, and he touched the body of something dead. He was a man of strength, and when he disobeyed God, God took away his strength. Then he was captured by the Philistines. He asked God for forgiveness and strength to kill the Philistines that were in the building with him. God helped him and forgave him.
God doesn’t like being second in our lives. If we practice apostasy, we are putting him there, and God doesn’t deserve that. He always supplies us with a choice. He doesn’t have to, but he does anyway because he loves us. Even though, our choices aren’t always right God will still forgive us and help us get through the situation our choices put us in. His love is unending; He is a God of second chances. We see that He is by the stories of these people: Jonah, Samson, and Adam and Eve.
God was a God of second chances, but that doesn’t mean He still didn’t get angry or disappointed with us from turning away for what he wanted for