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Out of all the characteristics that were presented, I find that service is the one that represents me the best. I have always enjoyed helping others, especially those with disabilities. This has always been an important topic to me due to the fact that, in 2004 my little brother, Bryan, was diagnosed with a form of autism. He has been ridiculed and made fun of every day of his life just because he acts differently from those around him. Every day he would come home crying to me telling me, how he just wish he had a friend. I made it my goal to help him in every aspect of life and to always be his friend. As I spent much of my time with Bryan, I met other kids just like my brother, who were constantly made fun of and were in desperate need of a friend. It hurt me to see such good people be sad just because they were made to feel as if they were different. In middle school, I combined my love for baseball and the need to help those with disabilities by joining the Miracle League . It would bring high school baseball players together with kids with all sorts of different disabilities coming from all walks of life. The best part of it all was seeing how happy these kids were to be out here, feeling like they finally belonged. From the crack of their bats, to the ball falling into the pockets of their glove, there was not a single unhappy child out there on the field. I got to see my brother finally converse with others and laugh and truly enjoy himself, which was for me a life