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A place or environment where I am perfectly content is anywhere on the water. When I’m on a vessel I feel happiness and excitement flow through me just as the waves flow beneath my feet. The salty ocean breeze feels warm and moist against my face. The sun has just about finished its climb up the brilliant blue sky, and I can feel its burning rays on my cheeks. As I sit in my vessel, I can feel the rhythmic, crystal blue waves gently crash against my vessel rocking me back and fourth as if I were a small child being lulled to sleep. Hearing the seagulls sing to each other, I look up to see them dive into the water as if they were kamikaze bombers and their target is the small school of anchovies just below the surface. Then I look around to see there is nothing for miles and miles but more water and clean ocean air. Whenever I’m on the water, I normally take in what’s not there. Living in northern Virginia is a very fast pace, crowded life. Being able to escape all the traffic, political debates, and even normal people just like me is a relief. Also, I enjoy taking in what is there as well as not there. Being surrounded by so much nature is relaxing to me. I like to observe and absorb nature like the singing seagulls and even the targeted anchovies. I’m very thankful towards what Mother Nature brings and amazed about its wonders. My favorite part is thinking about what lies beneath my vessel. What awaits me on the mysterious ocean floor? My dream is to become a Marine