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Task One

● Some smartphones and tablets
( Apple ) allow users to access 3G and 4G software ­ this enables users to use software available on Wi­Fi without a connection to the internet. ● Certain phones have more storage data than others ­ video footage and images in apps use this up quickly. You will have to consider this and try and make the app contain little storage biting “things”. ● iphone 6 (16GB) = This new phone comes equipped with all the latest phone technology. The screen is 4.7 inch” which is almost double that of the Doro PhoneEasy 612. It has 8 megapixels (4 times more than the Doro phone). It has 14 hrs talktime at £38.50 per month. It uses 4G which allows the user to use internet without a Wi­Fi connection. All this plus touchscreen technology accounts for a very superior phone.
● Doro PhoneEasy 612 = This older model of phone does not have 4G, and uses dials rather than touchscreen. It is, however, much cheaper: £7.50 per month and has more battery at standby, 283 hrs more infact! tHIS phone has a VERY small screen and little space ­ also with only 12 hrs talktime at this price.

Guide apps
● Many applications are “guide” apps meaning that they help the user navigate a particular place, e.g. Google
● They use satellite navigation and GPS to track where a user is and can therefore create routes to certain locations from around the world depending on this information.
● Guide apps should be simple and quick to use on all devices. This could mean adding a simple search bar and tabs to different locations.
● Many guide apps have a sort of “memory” to track where people go to most and can therefore track a route from memory at the touch of a button, this allows for quick and easy route planning.
● Another common tool is traffic detection and locating. This is used in many Sat­Navs and…