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Andy Rogers 10/2/12
Mr. Everitt Ent&Mktg

Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world both financially and in their quality products. Apple produces electronics such as personal computers, software, and portable music players/Cellphones known as the IPhone and IPod. I chose this company because I myself own a good amount of Apple products as well as my friends and family. Apple has a bright future ahead. They will most likely continue on the series of IPhones and IPads that have made great success. The IPhone 10 years from now will be impressively thin with a large screen. The new technology may consist of holograms. The technology of holograms already exists. A holographic laser keyboard that is touch sensitive has already been created in the technology world. Some of Apple’s major competitors are Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Blackberry, and Spotify. Dell and Hewlett-Packard manufacture laptop and desktop computers that take away sales from apples Desktop and MacBook computers. The Blackberry is a cellphone that competes with the iPhone. The Blackberry has a service called Black Berry Messenger which can only be accessed with Blackberrys. This gives the Blackberry a slight advantage, but the quality of the Iphones camera, touch screen, and applications blows the Blackberry away. My start up business will be based on the creation of an application for the App Store. There are many key trends that affect the Apple industry and the products they produce. The key trends are that many computer related products are now going mobile. Many phones have computer access that uses a 3G or 4G network so that the internet can be used outside of your home. The release of the iPad put emphasis on the importance of portable computers in the world. The iPad allows for the attachment of keyboards if the user is not comfortable with typing on the touch screen. The target market for Apples products is really anybody. There are so many things that could be done on an iPad, iPhone, and MacBook by all ages. The existence of the App Store allows people to purchase music, applications, and movies/videos that are in people’s interests. Over the next 10 years, Apple will most likely continue to produce top of the line products that will only keep improving. The plans for a hologram for the iPhone is already being investigated and considered by Apple. Mobile devices and software updates are one of the many things that will improve over the years. The iPhone could end up being waterproof in the future. The top companies in this industry Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Dell. Two companies within the industry are Apple and Dell. Apple has an average P/E ratio of 15.05 and has a very high price of $640.24. The revenue and net income of Apple has greatly increased over the years. Starting at a revenue of $37,491 in 2008 and increasing to $108,249 in 2011. Apple would be a great company to invest in because they are constantly releasing new products and because of their Revenues and Net