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Dear Mr., It is with some uncertainty that i write and send this letter. I am writing this ever since my denial for financial aid on ….I am concerned that my extenuating circumstances which occurred over 9 years ago will cause me to fail in accomplishing my dream of obtaining a degree.The following will explain said circumstances which overwhelmed the path i was hopefully headed in. The first thing would be is the untimely death of my Grandmother. This occurred 2 or 3 days after the semester had began. Immediately I was on a flight to Mexico City with my mother. My mother, Angela Drew, had a sever breakdown where I felt it was more than necessary to be by her side for support. We returned three days later were she, my mother, had to committed in a hospital for suicidal tendencies and sever depression. I stayed by her side until her release three days later. I apologize for lack of documentation at this moment but can be obtained upon request. The reason being the 9 year gap of medical records is financially and physically costly to obtain. At that time i did not qualify for financial aid, had just gotten arrested, which caused me to lose my employment which in turn had me living out of my vehicle for the remainder of that year. Through all this my education had always been on my mind but seemed unachievable considering my situation. By the time i was able to return to my studies i had already been dropped from all my classes. This caused me to give in to full time employment and place my education behind me. All documentation could be verified through san diego superior court. Nine years later I am a father, my son is now eight years old, and i decided to step up as a parent and raise my son on my own. I finally feel that I am stable enough, financially