Appearance In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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One’s immediate first impression of something is generally based on appearance. It is important to be able to see how another person looks, as it can provide clues to their personality traits. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of the most obvious ways of identifying a character’s personality is through their appearance. The physical characteristics of vampires in the movie and the book are very similar, but the print version focuses more on the small details while the movie tries to create an overall impression. In the book Dracula, the intensity of how the vampires look is shown through descriptive wording and detail. The classic image of a vampire is based mainly on the vivid description provided in the book. From ghostly pale skin to beady …show more content…
The vampires all share some common characteristics – they are pale, have sharp teeth, and a blank look in their eyes and many more. The goal here was to emphasize the fact that the vampires are dead and have no soul and that they have no feelings. They are not very terrifying; as smaller details are ignored in order to get the point across. It is difficult to truly see the appearance of the vampires in black and white and not in color, as the pale skin and red eyes are not visible in the movie. Instead, the writers of the movie used props such as capes to distinguish the vampire from other people. So you could still tell which ones was the vampire and which one was not. There is less detail than the books, but it works very well to get the general impression of vampires across. Overall the meaning is that the book and the movie are visible different. The movie doesn't really give us a specific visual on the vampires, they are just there in a way. The book and the movie were very good in there own way. The book did a good job on giving detail on the vampires and how they looked. When we watched the movie the vampires looked nothing liked the book described it. With how long the book took to read and how short the movie was to watch, it was obvious how much more the book went into