Appearance In The Outsiders, By S. E. Hinton

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In today’s world, you are often judged. You’re judged by your appearance,

lifestyle, or clothing. That’s just how society works. As humans, we feel the need to judge someone’s appearance. People just feel appearance is more important than the conflicts in today’s world. A wealthy lifestyle doesn’t make a happy person. In the book The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, lifestyle and appearance is wonderfully explained. It shows how reality and society can change the world. S.E Hinton’s theme in this novel is, even home can be dangerous.

As humans, we often talk, or bully people who don’t have a lot of money, or the newest merchandise out. Appearance is strongly judged, but not the most relevant compared to other things. Ponyboy often explained how Socs have money, but not so much of a heart, and that Greasers have a heart, but not money. The Socs feel the need to manipulate the town. While Ponyboy and Johnny were walking, he says, “The blue mustang was circling the park slowly” (54). This says, that even though the Socs and Greasers live in the same
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Home could be where you live, a town, or where you feel the most comfortable. Society has a habit of judging people by their looks, or where they’re from. The clothes they wear should be irrelevant because, they could honestly be a sweet person with a great heart. As humans, we should judge a personality other than looks, or first impressions. Just because someone is happy, or has a smile on their face, doesn’t mean they go home with a smile. Everyone goes through something, but finding a home could help you pass conflicts in your life. Find a place where you are happy, and feel loved. Most people are not in homes, they are in places where they’re forced to be by guardians. Never judge a person by their looks. Always look inside their