Essay on Appearance Vs Reality

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Appearance vs. Reality (6, 7, 10)
Adopt to many situation
Become whatever is necessary
Pretend to be whatever is useful
Disgrace his true nature
End result is the primary importance

Suitable quotes for Appearance vs. Reality:
1. “A man who strives to make a show of correct comportment in every circumstance can only come to ruin among so many who have other designs. Hence, it is necessary for a prince who wishes to maintain his position to learn how to be able not to be good, and to use or not use this ability according to circumstances” (72).
2. “He should not concerned bad if he needs them to save his state. For there are cases in which people might think a certain path is valorous, but following it would be the prince’s ruin, while there are also cases in which a certain way might seem evil, but following it will be result in the prince’s safety and well-being” (73).
3. “I propose that it is good to be generous. And yet generosity pursued in a way that makes people perceive you as generous will harm you, because if you exercise generosity in all modesty, as is appropriate, it will not be recognized, and you will not be able to avoid the reputation of miserliness. Hence, if one wishes to be perceived as generous among men, one will have to indulge in a great deal of sumptuous display” (74)
4. "A prince, therefore, must not fear being reproached for cruelty when it is a matter of keeping his subjects united and loyal, because with a few exemplary executions he will be more merciful than those who, through too much mercy, allow the kind of disorder to spread that gives rise to plunder and murder." (77)
5. “Men have less compunction about harming someone who has made himself loved than harming someone who has made himself feared, because love is held in place by chains of obligation, which as men are evil, will quickly broken if self-interest is at stake. But fear is held in place by a dread of punishment, which one can always rely on” (78-79).
6. “Everyone knows how commendable it is for a prince to keep his word and live by integrity rather than by cunning. And yet our own era has shown that princes who have little regard for their word have achieved great things, being expert at beguiling men’s minds. In the end, these princes overcame those who relied solely on loyalty” (81).
7. “The princes who have best used the nature of the fox to their advantage have been the most successful. But one must know how to conceal this quality and be a great simulator and dissimulator, for men are so