Appendix H. SQ3R Worksheet

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Assosciate Level Material
Appendix H

SQ3R Worksheet

Selected reading: Name your selected reading and page numbers here

Survey | Describe the value of surveying the reading. You must survey in order to get the full understanding of the book or chapter. When you skim your chapters, the appendix, and highlighted information such as definitions. When doing this you are able to get a broadened view of what the book is or chapter is about. Doing this will help you to know and understand more of what you are reading. This will also aid in remembering what you have read by viewing things multiple times. | Question | What questions did you ask as you were reading?Throughout this chapter I asked myself about how I was able to apply the SQ3R to my study habits. I have not previously used these specific techniques therefore I was constantly asking questions and making notes in regards to my personal study habits. | Read | How did surveying and questioning help you read better?Surveying helped me to understand and remember the information better. When I went through and read the definitions, italicized, and highlighted information prior to reading the chapter I was able to have a different view of the definition and further understanding. | Recite | How did you decide what parts of your reading you needed to recite? I decided to recite the definitions that I came across. I also recited any other information that was noted on the side column of the chapter or anything that I felt was important I would say the things that I felt to be important I would write down then read what I had written out loud. | Review | How often do you plan to review?I plan to review the information as the chapter suggests. I will preview my reading by surveying then read the chapter. After I had read the chapter I will then go back through it and review information that I felt to be important. Throughout the week and semester I will also continue to periodically go back and review. Sometimes when reading a new chapter or doing a new assignment I reference back to a