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Appendix C

Outcomes of the Revolution

Part 1

Complete the grid by describing each military event and explaining its relationship to the outcome of the Revolutionary War.

Military Event
Relationship to the Outcome of the Revolutionary War

Concord and Lexington

Two battles on April 19th 1775. British troops were sent to capture John Hancock and Samuel Adams. With advance warning they were waiting to ambush the British in Lexington when they came to attack. A relatively small battle this event was important as it marked an increase in the hostilities between Britain and America.
Start of the Revolutionary War. The battle at Concord and Lexington was a key event that helped the American colonies win their independence from the Britian.

Fort Ticonderoga

A fort on Lake Champlain and location of the American Revolutions first victory. This victory also supplied them with crucial supplies.
Key victory that boosted morale and provided equipment that would prove monumental in the early movement against the British.

Second Continental Congress

Gathering of colonial leaders to formulate a response to the battles of Lexington and Concord. Ultimately they agreed to support the war and this meeting went on to shape the battle against Britain by deciding key targets in the war. The Second Continental Congress was responsible for adopting the Declaration of Independence. They were key in the battle against Britain as they helped to manage the war and establish early forms over government which would serve as the foundation for who we are today.
Key gathering that was responsible for the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and was key in organizing the battle against Britain and establishing our early government.

Bunker Hill

First large scale battle in the Revolutionary War. As a result enlistment into the military increased and opposition to the British increased.
While a loss to the American army it marked a key rallying point for the American revolution and an increase in military enlistment and opposition to the British.


First large loss for the continental army and a failed attempt to use propaganda against the British.

While it represented a loss to the American army the battle did result in a treaty with France and an increase in our relationship with them.

Lake Champlain

A lake in North America on which Fort Ticonderoga is located. This was a key victory for the colonial army.

Key crossing point between the American/British and French Canadian territories and a strategic victory for the continental army.


Surprise attack lead by General Washington that boosted moral and provided needed supplies.

Key event that had little strategic significance but served as a turning point due to the increase in morale at a crucial time period.


Key turning point in the war for the Americas. By winning this battle the American colonies were able to convince other countries such as France and Spain to ally with them against Britain.
Provided a major dent in the aura of invincibility of the British army, proved that the underdog continental army could win key battles and provided the needed proof for other countries to join the fight against Britain.

Valley Forge

Location where the continental army resided during 1777-1778. A harsh winter which had a hard impact due to poor supplies and shelter.

Harsh winter location of the continental army, but also birthplace for the strategy that would go on to win the Revolutionary war.


Key victory for the continental army in the south. Not only did it result in a victory but it went on to inspire the colonies. It weakened support for the British among their loyal subjects in the American colonies.

Pivotal point in the war as it shifted moral in opposite directions for the