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Started from the Bottom now We’re Here

Did you know that the first Apple computer was priced at $666.66? It wasn’t for satanic reasons at all but because typing the price in was easier if the numbers were just repeating. The first Apple computer was called the “Apple 1” which was originally created by Steve Wozniak. Wozniak was into computer design and created the first Apple computer but Steve Jobs was the one who talked him into selling it and making a business from his creation. Apple started at the bottom as a joke but over the years has risen to be one of the most known and most used products around. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs grew up together and they were best friends throughout high school. These best friends were known as outsiders and “nerds” due to their love and interest in electronics. After graduation they continued to keep in touch with one another. Both Steves’ eventually dropped out of college and got jobs in Silicon Valley. (Apple-History) The Apple 1 was not taken very seriously after its birth and the business started out slowly. It wasn’t until the Apple II was created that the business started to shine in the spotlight. The Apple II was shown in a local computer show, which helped get the word about it out to the rest of the world. Sales of the Apple II increased by leaps and bounds after it had been publicly introduced. From the start of Apple in 1976, to 1980 when the Apple III was released the company consisted of 1,000 plus workers and had begun selling machines worldwide. Apple went through a rough patch and at one point they had to lay off one fifth of their work staff. Eventually they came up with LaserWriter and PageMaker, the two programs that brought the business back to life. In 96’ Steve Jobs finally rejoined the Apple team and improved its sales and products by leaps and bounds. ( The few years before Steve Jobs came back to work with Apple they had at one point spent one billion dollars just on building faulty computers. The last year before Jobs came back Apple had lost almost 68 million dollars in just one quarter of that year. Just one year before that they announced that they had a 740 million dollar quarterly loss under the head of a man named Gil Emilio. Emilio gave his best efforts to bring the company out of the pit but his efforts just weren’t enough. He did bring the loss down to approximately 30 million after just two quarters but that didn’t last long as he had tremendous losses soon after. That’s when the current CEO, Spindler, was asked to resign and quickly replaced by Jobs. At the start Apple didn’t start out giving him very much power over the company. He hadn’t earned their trust back quite yet. In his younger years he was selfish and inconsiderate in his business. Eventually Steve Jobs had earned back their trust and proved to them that his time away from the company had made him grow up and mature in the tough business world. Today,