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“Data standardization is a key requirement to improve health outcomes not clinical work processes “
Standardization can help to maximize compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability, or quality. It can also facilitate commoditization of formerly custom processes.

Think of an apple. Are you thinking? My apple is a small, red Macintosh apple. I'm betting that some of your apples are large green granny smiths, or medium yellow, or red delicious. We were thinking of apples in order to make a pie. Not all of these apples are good cooking apples
Lack of data standards lead to waste. In our classes we've heard numerous examples of waste because of lack of standardization, including nursing notes that aren't transferable, they are written and never looked at again.
Examples of data standards that are working to provide greater efficiency in healthcare include DICOM, HL7. minimum data set for patient identification. easy argument.
Using EHR Prompts & Reminders to Improve Quality of Patient Care 3
High Patient Satisfaction
92% were happy their doctor used e-prescribing.
90% reported rarely or only occasionally going to the pharmacy and having prescription not ready.
76% reported it made obtaining medications easier.
63% reported fewer medication errors.
EHRs Transforming the Clinical Process 6
A community hospital in Vermont recently implemented and EHR and reported:
60% decrease in near-miss medication events
20% increase in completion of daily fall assessment helping to avoid prolonged hospital stays
25% drop in the number of patient charts needing to be pulled for signing orders and dictated reports