Essay on Apple: Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs

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Case Brief: Apple Inc.: Keeping the “i” in “Innovation”

The case deeply examines Apple Inc. and the way it switched from a specialty computer making firm to a market leader in various different market segments, and becoming market leader and one of the largest “players” on the stock market. Apple Inc. is undoubtedly one of the most known companies in the world today, and for sure one that has been able to transform itself and accomplish a huge success in only a couple of years. The case presents a question whether Apple is going to be able to maintain its position and image after its visionary founder and CEO Steve Jobs left the company. The case was written before Steve Jobs had passed away, and therefore it still keeps a little room for speculation. Today though, we know that the company is still doing good and keeping the image and pace Steve Jobs set. Steve Jobs was clearly a visionary and a great leader. He was able to achieve more than any other CEO and created a company that is a phenomenon today. The case questions whether after Jobs’ leave the company will remain the same and keep its high revenues. Apple after releasing their report after the first quarter showed that their profits are higher than ever. Also, just earlier this week the new iPhone 5 was released for pre-sale and over 2 million pieces were pre-ordered in the first two days. This is a clear sign that even though the company lost Steve Jobs, it still keeps his legacy. Steve Jobs created a phenomenon called Apple and changed the world in many market segments. He created the revolutionary iPod, later the iPhone, Apple TV and the iPad, and we can’t forget all the Apple computers. Apple changed the way we live today; we listen to music from the iPod, use the iPhone and read newspaper on our iPads. Apple today is in such a position that no matter what product they come up with, millions of people buy it even before the release. Apple became something as a lifestyle today, especially among young, tech savvy people. Apple transformed from only a computer company to a multi-product brand making various high-tech products in the electronics/multimedia industry. Today it’s competing with a various different companies, starting with IBM making computers, Sony making portable music