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Apple Inc Case Analysis
Current Situation:
Over the years Apple performance has been outstanding. With the loss of Steve Jobs, company is successful year after year and even today the sales have been increasing than the last year. Apple just announced financial results for the period from October 2014 to December 2014 and announced revenue of $74.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $18 billion.
Firm’s Strategy:
Apple’s strategy was to build a product that would be different, new and creative but also easier and simpler enough for an end user. Apple this strategy took Apple to another level. Apple focus was and is to introduce few but highly anticipated high end and user friendly products.
Key issues:
One of the key issues that Apple is facing is for the Apple Desktops. When it comes to desktop computers, Apple can be more pricy than Hewlett-Packard and Dell, even though Apple leads in the sale of portable devices. Cost is one factor which makes it hard for Apple to sell Macs to public services like libraries and colleges in bulk.
The other key issue was when iPhones were introduced, the demand for iPods decreased. Since iPhone had all the features of iPods, customers started buying iPhones.
Environmental Responsibility:
Apple’s focus was and is to introduce products that are not only user friendly but the best they can be in every way. When introducing products, Apple do realize that they need to make sure about the environment and that’s why they find ways to use greener materials and conserve resources. Per Apple while they are proud of the progress they have made, but still they will keep striving to be better moving forward.
Apple’s consumers use electronics in different ways. IPhones and iPads are not only used for playing games but also businesses take advantage of it. Teenagers use electronics to listen to music, play games and to stay in touch with friends. Young adults use them for college assignments, music, and playing games and to stay in touch with social media. Business people can use the electronics gadgets while flying from one place to another and can conduct meetings from anywhere around the world through these products. Kids use iPads to play games and drawings. Today if parents want to go to a fine restaurant, they can give iPhones or iPads in kids hand and they will be busy while parents enjoy the dinner.
Target Market:
When Apple introduced products, the main target is the teenagers. When Stephen Wozniak and Steve Jobs introduced Apple I in 1976, there intention was to create a friendly user computer for teens. While targeting teenagers, Apple generated products that not only attracted teenagers but also pulled college and university students, adults, young children and kids and business people towards it self.
With a leader in inventing mobile devices, which is so user friendly that Apple was chosen as the world’s most innovative business in 2012. One of the other biggest strength is, Apple has stores which help customers to walk in and ask any questions to the staff. Apple products are being so easily useable that customers don’t want to leave the products. A lot of customers switched from iPhones to iPads but very few of them switched from iPhones to Samsung products.
The biggest disadvantage Apple incurred was the loss of Steve Jobs in 2012. Tim Cook, who was an acting CEO while Jobs was on sick leave, was appointed as CEO after Steve Jobs passed away. Even though Tim Cook was there when iPods, iPhones and iPads were introduced but they were not Tim’s innovation. Other weakness is Apple’s products are expensive than other products available in the market and sometimes customers might choose a lower cost product which offers the same benefits.
With the launch of iTV, Apple sales for TV have increased the sales for the compny. With the increasing demand for tablet and smart phones, iPad mini and iPhone 5 has given Apple a competitive advantage in