Apple Case Study Essay

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Apple Computer
Apple Computer began it’s existence on April Fools Day in 1976 when two young men decide to sell a computer that one of the men designed. Steve Wozniak (Woz) had designed a personal computer that he and Steven Jobs built together. Woz had not even considered that idea of anyone wanting to buy it, however Jobs had a vision to introduce it to the public for sale. Woz and Jobs started the Apple Company in Jobs garage and from there it has blossomed into a billion dollar company. “Apple Computer is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings”(Apple).
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Tech-savvy design of Apple products help to push them out in front of other technology companies. Appearance is important to the consumer, people like to have they best things and they want things that give them a good image. “Apple uses design to transform their offerings in every way: from integrating consistent actions across hardware, software, and environment, to dematerializing every milligram of unnecessary material (thereby making their products less expensive, stronger, and more sustainable), to material selection that substantially reduces manufacturing costs and eliminates extraneous materials (many of which are toxic), to offering services that competitors can't match and only "see" once they're introduced by Apple (such as their approach to the retail experience)”(
Program compatibility is one of the weaknesses of Apple. Although they have progressed by leaps and bounds there are still some issues in this area. However most of the compatibility problems that exist today are not Apple’s fault but those of other companies that have not brought themselves to be Apple compatible. For example, disc that come with some textbooks or other products are not Mac OS compatible. This can be very frustrating for Apple users but it is not Apple’s fault. Another weakness is the fact that Apple Inc. has few strategic alliances and tends to keep most things in house, such as technical design. This is not a