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A Research on Apple Management
Satya Karan Teja, Enjapoori
Keller Graduate School of Management

Apple, a brand known for the status quote, has gone through many of the crest and troughs throughout its journey from starting to until today. It has en marked its name in the present globalized world as brand known for reliability and trust-worthy. It gave each and every customer a heart full satisfaction in possessing it.
Let’s talk about some realities in the great journey of Apple, what had linked it with the success and what things made it to go back. When considering the greatest triumphs of Apple,
The invention of the “Wheel”:
Apple is introduced the iPod click wheel, which is used to tap and swipe, it was great innovation in the starting history of Apple. From there, Apple started to show its uniqueness in the designing of the devices it manufactures.
Apple when started got its operating system licensed in the period of 1995-1997, the MAC OS, makers thrived to not to be as its competitor. They looked for quality instead of quantity, innovation instead of limitation. They brought out a consumer friendly and easy operating devices which made its stand stable against its competitor.
Apple helped the people to satisfy with the price they incurred in buying the their machines. Apple strives hard in maintaining the image of the brand holder with the design and its different features. The day it started showing its uniqueness in the feature availability and its user friendly
Apple started the Apple store iTunes in 2003 and dragged the music and full length movies into a small screen, which really brought out the birth of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Kindle store, etc. Which was a really big triumph, that can be noted.
These achievements are not so easy for a company to achieve and stand alone competitor in mobile era. This is due to the discipline, faith, planning and strategy.
Now, lets see the Apple’s failures from the past to till now, which may be noted but cannot stand with the achievements. From the iMac to the iPad, Apple's design sense has typically been synonymous with "sleek and sexy." Sometimes, though, it gets a little carried away. Take for example the 1998 USB Mouse, aka "the hockey puck" which is colorful, translucent, but we did not find the mouse button again, or the 20th Anniversary Mac, a bronze-colored $7500 monstrosity meant to honor Apple's 20th birthday in 1997 but ended up tarnishing it. Or the Power Mac G4 Cube which is beautiful to look at, assuming you got one that wasn't cracked. When triumphs over function leads to failure.
Apple has only a one way to do things that is Steve’s way, which is as dangerous as highway. In Apple, the employees are not given with the…