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If I were a manager at Apple, I too would not license the company’s software or technologies out to other companies. Knowing what I already know does make this decision a little easier for me. However, I would use the payback theory to help with my decision. If I knew that licensing out the technologies would payback dividends in the long run by getting our software into the hands of more clients or help sell more then I would be likely to license out the software. However, the software that Apple has full control of helped build the Apple brand into what it is today. While Apple may have experienced some productivity gains for manufacturing of their software or, would have seen their software operating on other computers – they would have lost the sale of their hardware in the process. Currently, if you want to run an Apple program, you need to have Apple hardware to do so. By only allowing their own machines to run their software they saw sales increase and consumers purchase other accessories (iPod, iPad, etc.). (9 out of 10 dollars spent on computers costing $1000 or more went to Apple (text pg. 190)) Apple can prevent its competitors from taking them down by building a “moat” of products to keep their customers close to them.
Today Apple is one of the most trusted and recognized brands worldwide. They are in fact, the most powerful brand in the world ( Apple’s current stock value is $556.18 (google 1/23/14).…