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Apple Computer Reading List
Books covering the history of Apple Computer, Inc. apple logo
Apple History Links
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General Links Covers 1976 to the present, with interesting photos of key people. Also features a tremendous gallery of over 100 Apple computers with descriptions and high quality photos from the Apple I to the iMac. A great place to start your history tour. An American Icon Reboots Six articles covering Apple's turnaround in 1996, including the replacing of CEO Michael Spindler with National Semiconductor's Gil Amelio (and the return of Steve Jobs). Apple II History Thorough history of the entire Apple I and II saga. 23 chapters and 4 appendices worth! This is my favorite history site. Apple I Operations Manual Here it is! The full manual in html format. Take a trip down memory lane. Apple I Owner's Club This site will take you on a 120 page guided tour of the Apple, history, yowza, grab a cup of hot chocolate or ice tea for this one. Apple II Tree If you are like me and can't read Japanese, you can still have fun at this site browsing all the pictures. There is a little bit of everything in this extensive collection, including cover scans of many Japanese edition Apple history books. Apple III FAQ All the little details you ever wanted to know about the Apple III in this 22 page PDF. Dated February, 2007. Apple and the History of Computer Design Extensive design history focusing largely on Macintosh computers. Highly recommended. Apple-at-a-Glance Short company profile. Apple Computer History WebLog This site attempts to "capture your Apple experiences, anecdotes and stories about key events in Apple's history." It is filled with a growing collection of stories by previous Apple employees. The site is a project of the Computer History Museum and is highly recommended. Apple Computer: The Early Days, A Personal Perspective Paul Laughton recounts his memories of working on the BASIC interpreter and DOS for the Apple II in the late 1970s. He worked for Shepardson Microsystems, which Apple contracted to help with several projects. Apple Computer, Inc.: A History This paper covers the beginning through late 1997. Apple: From Roots to Rehab A timeline from 1976-1997 with a couple of photos. Apple History FAQ This faq is from the comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup and answers the following questions:
1) Where can I find an in-depth history of the Apple II?
2) What happened in the final years of the Computer Wars? (<--recommended)
3) How did Woz invent the Apple computer?
4) What did the first Apple ads look like?
Numbers 1 and 3 are repeated in other history links. Apple Interviews Part of Stanford's top-notch Making the Macintosh site (see link below), this set of interviews with 13 of Apple's employees covers a wide range of early Macintosh development. Interviewees include Andy Cunningham (Regis McKenna/Macintosh launch); Chris Espinosa (employee #8; documenation director); Dean Hovey, David Kelley, Jim Sachs (Mac and Lisa mouse design); Reese Jones (very influential Berkeley Macintosh User Group); Susan Kare (designed the icons for the Macintosh); Sandy Miranda ("Test Drive a Macintosh" promotion script writer); Jef Raskin (employee #31 and first manager of the Mac project); Evelyn Richards (San Jose Mercury News reporter in the 1980s); Caroline Rose (editor of Inside Macintosh); and more. Apple Lisa Computer: a Retrospective Superb history of the Lisa. From the introduction: "This paper is an attempt by a longtime Lisa user to clarify the significance of the Apple Lisa personal computer for the computing industry. This paper hopes to show why the Lisa was significant in its time, and how some of what was called 'Lisa Technology'is slowly migrating to other computer systems, notably the Apple