The Corporate Responsibility And Marketing Strategy Of Apple

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Jeffrey Smith
Professor Lionel De Souza
Contemporary Business 508

The following paper will be taking a look at the corporate responsibility and marketing strategies of Apple. It takes a look at the background of Apple and the fall and rise. It also points out the ethical views of Apple the suppliers on the company. In the paper it also lists some opportunities for Apple and risk with the supplier’s relationship as well as marketing strategies for the company.

Background of Apple
Apple was created on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wonziak. Both Jobs and Wozniak were outsiders in their adolescents and did not mix well with the crowd and were both high school dropouts. The two first met at Hewlett Packard, where Jobs was on a summer intern and Wozniak was employed. The company started with the manufacturing of personal computers. Sales were great in the early stages and then they quickly declined. Jobs resign the company after heated battles with the company leadership. Job’s had an erratic temper due to his drive for perfection. He then returned years later brought with him a new corporate philosophy of exclusive product and simple plan. In early 2000’s the company introduce the iPod that was a huge win for Apple. After the release of the iPod a music player business started booming again is now one of the biggest technology company in the world selling iPads, iPhones, iWatches and so much more. The company current CEO is Tim Cook.
Apple’s Ethical and Social Responsibility
Apple ethical and social responsibility is a testament to their core values. Although the core values are not easily found on the website Alexander (2013) found that the company believes that:
We believe that we're on the face of the Earth to make great products.
We believe in the simple, not the complex.
We believe that we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products we make.
We participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution.
We believe in saying no to thousands of projects so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us.
We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot.
We don't settle for anything less than excellence in every group in the company, and we have the self-honesty to admit when we're wrong and the courage to change.
Apple has a great social responsibility program that is aim at protecting our environment and allows customers to get cash for their old device. This program is good because some items that are used to create the products are harmful and could be as lethal as death if exposed to incorrectly. This program also allows the environment to stay clear of these harmful things to avoid a land field of old devices since customers upgrading with the lasted equipment when it comes out. This is a great step for sustainability and helps reduce its harm to the planet and make it greener. As everyone know most of Apple Products are made in countries with low labor cost. The potential for underpayment is high in those countries. Due to the labor regulations and laws Apple has in place a Supplier Code of Conduct and any company supplying Apple must sign the agreement or Apple can refuse to work with them in the future. To make sure those suppliers are working up to standard Sawayda said that To emphasize its commitment toward responsible supplier conduct, Apple releases an annual Apple Supplier Responsibility Report that explains its supplier expectations as well as its audit conclusions and corrective actions the company will take against factories where violations have occurred.( p.3)
Apple’s Reputation on Ethics
Although Apple does have safety precautions put into place to stop on misbehaviors and unsafe practices with its supplier unsafe practices are still taking place. It’s like the old