Apple, Google, Microsoft Essay

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icrosoftChapter 7 Telecommunications, the Internet, and Wireless Technology


Google, Apple, and Microsoft Struggle for Your Internet Experience


I I are in an epic struggle to dominate your

n what looks like a college food fight, the three Internet titans-Google, Microsoft and Apple-

can listen to music and watch videos 24/7? It's no

surprise, then, that today s tech titans are so aggressively battling for control of this brave new

Internet experience. What's at stake is where you search, buy, find your music and videos, and what device you will use to do all these things. The prize is a projected 2015 $400 billion e-commerce marketplace where the major access device will be a mobile
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Thus Apple retains the final say over whether or not its mobile users can access various services on the Web and that includes

services provided by Google. Google doesn't want Apple to be able to block it from providing its or any other smartphone. A high- profile example of Apple's desire to fend off Google occurred after Google attempted to place its voice mail management program Google Voice, onto the iPhone. Apple cited privacy concerns in preventing Google's effort. Soon after Google CEO Eric Schmidt stepped
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services on iPhones

that company is Apple.

But the development of smartphones and mobile Internet is still in its infancy. Google has acted swiftly to enter the battle for mobile supremacy while it can still 'win', irreparably damaging its relationship with Apple its former ally in the process. As more people switch to mobile computing as their primary method for accessing the Internet, Google is aggressively following the eyeballs. Google is as strong as the size of its advertising network. With the impending shift towards mobile computing looming, it's no certainty that it will be able to maintain its dominant position in search. That's why the dominant online search company began developing a mobile operating system and its Nexus One entry into the smartphone marketplace. Google hopes to control

its own destiny in an increasingly mobile world.

Google's efforts to take on