Essay about Apple: Human Resources and Company

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Mondrea Mathews
Human Resource Management Foundations
Professor Ojie – Ahamiojie
October 30, 2011

Apple’s Make-vs.-Buy Decision

In my opinion I think Apple should make sure that when they look at the acquisitions they need all information concerning what kind of job that they are capable of completing. The behavior of the recruiter is to interview the positives qualities of the candidates. The recruiter needs to be honesty with the employee by giving face feed back in a timely fashion. I feel that the recruiter also needs to be a panel due to the fact that the person who is applying for the job will be asked many different questions and they can see how that person does with other people that are equal. The recruiter has to have a positive attitude when dealing with the employee. There are several different traits and behaviors that would lead to the most successful recruiting by giving the candidate the opportunity to explain to him/her on what abilities that they have to offer the company. By the interviewer asking certain questions this will give them a basic ideal if this person would be good for this job or give the candidtae4 the opportunity to be able to apply for another position in the company. This will give the candidate the opportunity to show the company that they are a team player because they just didn’t just apply for that certain job. Three ways that Apple can effectively plan for HR resources is Apple needs to make sure that the HR person knows everything about the labor laws and make sure that they are following policy and procedure if the company to make sure that the employees knows exactly what is expected out of them. The Apple Company needs to meet business objectives and gain an advantage over competitors (Noe, 2011, p. 125). “The HR professional needs to determine the supply of and the demand for various types of human resource. The primary goal is to predict which areas of the company will experience labor shortages and surplus. The HR professional needs to conduct a trend analysis to construct and apply statistical models of that predict labor demand for the next year. By forecasting this would give a sense of knowing how much money or labor to spend for the current year compared to the following year” (Noe, 2011, p. ) Apple needs an indication of the firm’s labor supply this will determine the internal labor supply and give a detailed analysis of how many people are on the payroll and who have exactly the skills needed for a specific job. The HR person can use the transitional matrix to help them to see which employee is in a certain position and see if they need to stay in that position, the benefits that forecasting provides for Apple is that it helps them understand what the company is up against the current year compared to last year. Forecasting also gives Apple the trend on which way the company needs to predict and compared to the competitors and how to get ahead of everyone else that is in the same field. By Apple using forecasting this help the company be determining the labor surplus or shortage that the company might have. Apple is using the company LinkedIn networking cites for searching for talent. By Apple using the transitional matrix which is chart that lists job