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Apple has covered huge market in United States and worldwide as well, apple products are worldwide famous, recognized and unique sample of technology. Market segment is necessary and essential tools as economics and marketing tools in business. As most of population knows about apple products and its technology namely iphone, ipad, ipod, desktop computer, note book laptop and music system and soon. We would like to concentrate on ipad in addition to this we have chosen United states as market. First ipad launched about early and mid of the year 2010 and they called as 1st generation moreover they have launched more four so total five new series of ipad from 2010 to today and they respectively ipad 2, 3rd generation, 4th generation and finally ipad mini.
There are opportunities in business environments that are not being fully exploited by the competition. Strategic gap can be filling by substitute industries, other strategic groups or strategic spaces, the chain of buyers, complementary products and services, new market segment and markets developing overtime. Apple ipad was excellent substitute of the laptop or desktop computers but there are only few little differences apart from size in apple ipad 4 and mini ipad in addition to this customers always want something new and better than before, and moreover in technology development we think apple should make ipad which is reasonable size with more advance features and customer can fold it into small phone size and they can use as mobile phone by doing this, apple will capture and get more customer and revenues as well.
Critical success factors are product features that are particularly valued by a group of customer and where the company must therefore excel in to outperform the competition. Critical success factor consist of technical quality, testing, delivery reliability, after sales services, and reputation. Technical quality of apple ipad is really good and advance compare to competitor but some software and application cannot install on apple product and moreover customer need to buy pay extra for something which is totally free on competitor market, finally to connect ipad or iphone to basic computer in order to have itune which is compulsory.
Macro Environmental –
Macro environmental factors are those factors which mostly outside of company and control less factors which may make major impact on organization decision making. And these factors could affect performance and strategic decision making in addition to this macro environmental factor may consist of change in government regulation, cultural difference, weather and soon. Macro environment also called as PESTEL analysis and they containing Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal factors. The followings are PESTEL analysis of ipad apple.
1). Political -
United States is more likely stable in political way; moreover Microsoft, Face book and apple were started in United States. US government treated both native and abroad companies in equal ways. Apple cares about legislation and regulation which create high value to the shareholders and productivity. Apple has political strategy which long last their shareholders in addition to this apple associates with