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Nike is listed on the
NASDAQ Stock Exchange in the USA and the shares are trading at $78 USD as at 2nd
July 2014.
“Just Do It”, the memorable
Nike slogan that appears on a huge percentage of their products, was conjured up by
Nike’s advertising agency in
1988 and is still in use today.

Company History
Nike Inc. is a multinational company headquartered in
Oregon, USA that focuses on innovative products to promote performance and improvement in the world of sports and exercise.
The company currently employs more than 40,000 individuals across 160 countries in six continents.
Blue Ribbon Shoes, currently and widely known as Nike, began as solely a footwear distributor in 1964 when two
Oregon natives shook hands and agreed to sell shoes and submit product ideas to
Tiger Running shoes. In the early and mid 1970’s, the
Nike we all know today came into existence when the

two owners of Blue Ribbon
Shoes decided to use their knowledge and expertise on running shoes to establish and sell their own shoes with a new brand name.
Nike’s name and well recognized “swoosh” logo were both conceived in 1971, only a year before their first line of footwear debuted in stores. Today, Nike has declared that their mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.
Nike asserts that if you have a body, you are indeed an athlete. Much like the company’s
“swoosh” logo, the new slogan greatly assisted Nike with their brand recognition and awareness. Without even seeing the name of the company, target consumers easily associated “Just Do It” and the “swoosh” logo with
Nike Digital Sports is a new division in Nike Inc. that launched in 2010. It aims to develop devices and technology that allows users to track their personal statistics in any sport in which they participate.
Digital Sports released its first major follow up product, a wristband that tracks energy output called the FuelBand. It is a new repertoire of interactive elements allowing Nike to communicate directly with their consumer.

The Nike Fuelband, released only in USA in late 2012, is evidently in the introductory phase of the product life cycle.
The Nike FuelBand is a new and innovative way to track an individual’s daily physical activity. Whether it’s walking, running, or jumping this digital wristband has the capability to calculate every step taken and every calorie burned. The band’s
“sports-tested accelerometer” gives accurate readings of a user’s daily movement.The data on the Nike FuelBand can be linked to a computer, smartphone or iPod. From here users can set exercise goals and monitor progress. The application also holds a social media feature where users can share their recent exercise activity, such as new personal bests and workout streaks, to their friends and family through
Facebook or Twitter. The Nike
Fuelband is made in China and is available in Volt, Pink Foil,
Total Crimson and Black colours.
It comes in a white box


4P’s Analysis

in USA or online world wild through, or In April of 2013,
Nike was able to obtain 1.1 million unique visitors to their website. The bands are also sold through Apple retail stores in USA.

The Nike FuelBand is sold at a price point of USD$149
(AUD$180) and comes in three different sizes and colours. The postage fee for products above
USD$100 is free.
The Nike FuelBand can be purchased at any Nike retail store

Nike kicked off this campaign through the use of the commercial Intensity LIFE IS
This ad aired on television and can also be viewed on
YouTube. This ad shows how both athletes and athletic individuals can benefit from the Nike FuelBand. In the commercial, Nike utilizes storytelling. The persuasive message that everyone should purchase a Nike FuelBand is emphasized through the use of digital advertising and the incorporation of social media.


The Fitbit Flex band owned by Fitbit