Essay about Apple Inc. and Product (Red) Marketing Partnership Report

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Marketing Report - The Marketing Mix Introduction Apple Inc. is an American global organisation that designs and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. Examples of Apple Inc.'s products include the iMac, iPod, the OS X operating system, and the iTunes media browser. (RED) is an AIDS charity who's aim is to raise awareness and funding to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. To help achieve their aim 'Product (RED)' was introduced, which is a brand licensed to partner companies, such as Apple Inc., who create a product with the Product (RED) logo on. In return for increased sales a percentage of the profits from the products in question goes to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS/HIV in Africa. In 2007 Apple Inc. and …show more content…
Product Design The core product is the benefit of the product that makes it valuable to the user. In the case of the iPod Nano it is to listen to music that the consumer has downloaded or purchased through headphones or external speakers. It gives you the option of conveniently carrying around and listening to all your music on one small device. The tangible, or physical, product is the special edition red coloured iPod Nano with the Apple Inc. logo and branding on. The product should be easy on the eye and simple to use. An additional benefit of this product is the colour red may appeal to more of the market and is easier to find in a bag or purse. The product also comes with a card that leads the consumer to the (RED) website, therefore increasing awareness of the cause. The augmented, or non-physical, product is the warranty, the customer service offered by Apple Inc. and the software iTunes. The two organisations help each other by bringing their consumers to the others product or website, therefore both gaining increased consumers. A customer who is new to Apple Inc. and buys the iPod Nano because of the Product (RED) logo is much more likely to buy other products in Apple Inc.'s range. Price Tactics The price of the (RED) iPod Nano is the same as a standard one, but has the added incentive of part of the