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Introduction Apple is steadily focusing on the Asia-Pacific area, and particularly, China. There are some limitations to development in China, but some recent trends have shown this to be a basic area for customer adoption of Apple products and large development for the company in the long run(Panzarino, 2011). Recently, Apple has already seen huge success in China when compared to Japan. China has progressively become a market that is a significant component in Apple’s current financial achievements (Panzarino, 2011). The rising Asia Pacific digital product industry provides Apple with a new domain for its development, especially in Mac computer and iPhone. The company operates one of the top brands in technological innovation globally with 54% of their earnings coming from international marketplaces (Apple Yearly Review, 2006). Since, Apple image is also linked to its innovative design, great technology and top quality, the customers began to ask the industry to satisfy their trendy based wishes. Apple was precise to position its image and individuality associated to this marketing possibilities in the Asia Pacific region.

Global Corporate Social Responsibility Apple believes global warming is actually an important issue to be kept in mind. As an international company that makes some of the most well-known user friendly products in the world, every company uses a lot of power and material, which often produces green house gas pollutants that leads to global warming. Apple have therefore discovered ways to use the same power and materials more effectively in their features, to get power from better resources and to make some of the world’s most energy-efficient digital products.
Apple is still the only company in the market with information centres operated by 100 % renewable energy and a entire product line that not only satisfies but by far surpasses the strict Energy Star guidelines. Apple design products with cleaner, safer materials to reduce and eliminate toxins. Zeal is possibly the benefit embedded at Apple’s core and it is showed by their ongoing advancement and excitement with regards to products and customer experience (Chun Rosa, 2011).

Culture and Management Behaviour Firstly, Apple the company cares more about the products design compared to any other company in the market. When compared to Microsoft, which has traditionally done a bad job of developing attractive items, Apple understands design well(Reisinger,2010). It is aware of what customers want, it knows how to fulfil those wishes, and it sets out to meet all its expectations. It is not always easy, but Apple always seems to get it right every time. Its corporate culture tends to go beyond its employees to its customers. Hence, what it desires from its employees, it also desires from its customers (Reisinger,2010). Apple has revived its old business model, innovated beyond all its expectations and delivered better products in the market(Reisinger,2010). When employees approach Apple, they are required to forget everything they ever know about the technology world. Apple does everything in a completely different way. Whether it's the design of their products, how it goes about creating concepts for new products or simply the way it carries itself(Reisinger,2010). Apple has a policy to never admit defeat. The company always seems to discover a way to take itself out of the flame. It is not evident anywhere else other than in the computing market. Apple's business lifestyle cannot be considered done without referring to its penchant for secrecy(Reisinger,2010). When compared with so many other technical companies in the, Apple's future up-dates hardly ever get leaked. This is the only reason why Apple has had a long-standing concept that secrecy will regulate success at the company. People who try to leak the company's tricks, even unintentionally, will almost certainly end up being escorted out the front