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Apple iPhones have revolutionized the mobile industry and are the best phones in the market because of their easy to use interface, plethora of high quality applications ranging from games, educational, social applications and many more categories. Also, iPhones are well known for their advanced 8 megapixel camera that captures 1080p high quality photos and videos; However, Android phones have always been a dominant competitor against iPhones since they were launched because of their customization capability, memory expansion using a Micro SD card, and removable battery that iPhones lack.

When Apple introduced IOS7 to their new generation iPhones, it changed the user interface dramatically making them easy to use with quick multitasking capability, many widgets, and slick design. For example, swiping up from the screen let you access a range of tools and tweaks that are beneficial such as adjusting the brightness and volume, enabling Wi-Fi, playing music and quick access to the camera application. All of these new adjustments that Apple applied to their phones made many android users convert to iPhones. That’s why iPhones are very popular among people especially teenagers. ales of Apple's iPhone 5c have been so disappointing that the consumer technology giant will likely cut the price of the device soon or even scrap the model altogether, according to analysts.

"They just missed it. Demand has not been good," said Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray. "They will discount it and use that as a lever to improve unit growth. I don't think they will get rid of it completely."

Last year, Apple discussed the benefits of launching two phones with some analysts and noted that pricing flexibility was one factor.

"There's more of a difference between the 5c and the 5s, so you can play with price a bit more," Munster said.

Others on Wall Street wonder whether the 5c will survive, especially if Apple brings out larger iPhones later this year.

"I would expect them to cancel the product after the iPhone 6," said Peter Misek, an analyst at Jefferies. "Price cuts are not what Apple does. They build products that they are passionate about and then charge accordingly."

Apple spokesman Steve Dowling declined to comment.

Apple reported disappointing results and lower-than-expected iPhone sales on Monday. CEO Tim Cook told analysts during a conference call that demand for the high-end iPhone 5s was stronger than expected.

The 5s accounted for 59% of total iPhone sales in the fourth quarter, while the iPhone 5c accounted for 27% and the older iPhone 4S made up the rest, according to a survey of 500 Apple customers by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The 5c sold less well than the 4S did after Apple released the iPhone 5 in September 2012, CIRP also noted.

Cook did not mention the 5c by name during Monday's conference call, which lasted roughly an hour. One analyst asked about Apple's pricing strategy, particularly on the 5c, which the analyst noted had…